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Advanced DIM Complex
Advanced DIM Complex
Advanced DIM Complex

Advanced DIM Complex

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  • Rocufast Nutrition - DIM Supplement 
  • Made in USA
  • DIM Vitamins For Hormone Balance - Maintain a healthy hormone balance in your body. DIM pills help you to regulate estrogen levels and bring everything back to a healthy balance which assists in helping you live a life full of vitality and energy.
  • Natural Menopause Relief - Our DIM helps restore estrogen balance which may support the reduction of menopause symptoms! This product may support the relief of certain menopause-related symptoms like cold feet, weight gain, energy reduction & PCOS!
  • DIM Extra Strength Formula - Our cruciferous vegetables supplement includes DIM Diindolylmethane, and BioPerine for superior absorption. BioPerine is a patented black pepper extract that helps increase your nutrient absorption for best results.
  • Hormonal Acne Treatment for Women - Due to it's balancing properties, DIM can be used to reduce bad acne due to improper hormone levels or overactive hormone production which is when the skin is used as a waste mechanism to rid the excess hormones.
  • Great For Men & Women - We have found that DIM capsules are a great supplement for both men and women! For men, DIM supplements promote lean body mass, supports a healthy weight, helps control acne, increases libido, and promotes prostate health.
Product Description :


Your benefit is our mantra! Our formulation was designed especially with you, our customer, in mind. All of our ingredients work together in complete symbiosis in order to achieve the best outcome and benefit. Our formula includes ingredients shown to aid estrogen levels and overall vitality while providing on cycle support to get your entire system back on track so you can feel great. In addition, our blend includes powerful natural cruciferous vegetables that help with detoxification and protection of the body.

Only formulated with ingredients that work! Through scientific testing, DIM-Plus BioPerine supplements have shown to be one of the top vitamins for women and support the natural balance of your hormone system*. Our formula is further enhanced with Broccoli Extract & Calcium D-Glucarate which are amazing antioxidant-rich compounds that help with overall tissue health*.


Rocufast Nutrition is a brand that holds integrity to the highest regard. We follow a rigorous protocol to ensure that we source only the finest, certified and safe ingredients for our end customer. We strongly believe that anything that goes in the human body should be 100% safe and tested before we put it in our formula. This is why we make sure that each and every manufacturer that we work with has data and testing to back up the ingredients that we use and that all of our formulas have been lab tested to match up with our quality standards.

Rocufast Nutrition is a brand that you can trust.

Rocufast Nutrition has a distinctive background as an innovative startup in the vitamin and dietary supplements industry. Our formulas are scientifically formulated to deliver real results and benefits for our customers. It is our mission to deliver solutions for customers in the most affordable and beneficial way possible by ensuring that we use the best ingredients and processes available. Order today!

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